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Flim Skim loves to sing.

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Flam loves apple cider

Hey guys,

I haven’t forgotten about you nor A.L., I’m still working on the revamp/reboot but as I continue working in tightening the story/characters/ect. I have begun getting this ‘tick’ on the side of my head the more I think about the story. And I wonder if this story is “too big” for a fancomic with an (obviously) old fan-character such as Dem. This started out as a fun little fluff that at times poked fun at BL as a whole (…which it still keeps a good chunk of that…), as well as strayed from the “hey I just met you a day ago, and now I love you!~ Wanna make out??” But the more I fleshed out the ‘key points,’ themes, and reoccurring motifs I didn’t realize how…big this story turned out.
What I mean by big, is not just how long it is, because I have always known AL was going to be pretty long and it was another big reason that I chose to do it since it would be like “if I can finish this friggin comic, I can finish any comic that I start.” But what it ends up covering because of the premise, and how the story/characters end up going.

A.L. is about a half-Angel’s, Dem, last ditch effort to get out of Heaven by pretending to be gay. Once he gets out, he finds himself ultimately more trapped because Heaven’s council is still looming over him and waiting for him to screw up again. So if his sureness of “self” wasn’t shaken up already by the lack of any real response from Heaven (what can he do? Everyone’s dead already. So just slaps on the wrist), it’s completely thrown out since a lot of what defines him must be taken out unless he wants to return that afterlife (so no more ‘making people suffer for the LULz’).

The big underlying theme that ended up rearing its head the more I thought about it was “acceptance of self.” And because of the first sentence and the fact of Jet’s, Jack’s, Obsidian’s, Granite’s, and Josh’s character/arc there ends up being a ‘religious’ motif in there as well. It’s not something approached like in majority of BL that are even willing to touch the subject matter where it’s more antagonistic, ‘frowning upon,’ or one-sided type view. But in which each character essentially handles spirituality differently. Some handle it fairly casually (just go to church on Sundays and admit they believe in some form of a higher power), some treasure it stronger than others, and some use it as nothing more than a means-to-an-end or a way to justify themselves or what they do. Heck, and others not listed flat out don’t care, reject religion, or could go either way ‘if given the proof.’

I don’t know, when I thought up Jet, Granite, and Josh as gay Christians, that stuff kinda ended up forcing its way in there.

So here’s my question to all of you: is this story way too big for the likes of something like A.L.? It’s not like I’m going to be pulling out bible verses out of nowhere (heads up, there will only be 2 and in the very…very end) nor will there be a whole lot of canon characters within the actual story (Usagi shows up a little less than 3 times within the entire 11 chapters so far and there will not be any of the Sailor Senshi appearing, if they do it will be a flashback and even then I highly doubt even that much. The only consistent canon characters will be Prince Diamond and Saphir, and that’s just because…this is majority focused on The Black Moon Clan). The tone will remain as it has been, so having some of its little serious bits but not to where there’s DRAMA and ANGST everywhere.

I enjoy working on this series, and have been working on it since 7th grade when I wrote up the “1st rough draft” and I’ve had it online for almost 6 years now. This series also is one that really forces me to work on things that I would’ve probably ended up avoiding all together like fight scenes, ‘more grandiose’ world/culture building, character arcs that interlace with each other, writing characters with completely varying backgrounds/ideas/ect., and a story that is fairly long to where it allows the relationships and characters to grow as needed.

So thoughts? Opinions?


Wait what…

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