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18 is up~

Another Wednesday, another update~

Page 16 is up~

I saw your part two of Smooch. (the one were Flim and Flam kissed AppleJack at the same time) It was every funny and I love it!!! BUT I was thinking mybe you could make a Part three where we see AppleJack freaking out about what the buck just happened, you know she's blushing and maybe someone in the backround is luaghing at her?

Thank you! Brot3 forever~ and I need to draw more Flim/AJ/Flam And actually that was prt.1 and prt. 2 is right here~

Ended up knocking out after posting Monday’s page, so here’s to let y’all know that page 13 and 14 are up~

Page 12 was posted yesterday, but by the time I put it online we had to go. So I had no time to post the little preview


Another Wednesday, another update~

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10 is up, w00t~

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Page 9 is up~

Page 8 is up~You would think this would be the normal consequence, given the situation…but it’s nooootttt

Page 7 is up~

Still playing with my coloring style~

Pages 4, 5, and 6 are up~

Would you dudes prefer I post these little preview panels every update or weekly on Friday?

I was suddenly thinking about what happened to the Clan after their Prince died. Saphir was gone, Demando had no heir, nor a wife. I figure the throne goes to the highest ranking officer. So it would’ve been: Rubeus, Esmeralde, Unmentioned #1, Unmentioned #2. So Unmentioned #1/Dolomite is the Clan’s Princess.

While fixing the saturation on photoshop I ended up falling in love with the different results the hues bar gave me. These other 4 are my favorite of the bunch~

Page 3 is up~~!