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I was suddenly thinking about what happened to the Clan after their Prince died. Saphir was gone, Demando had no heir, nor a wife. I figure the throne goes to the highest ranking officer. So it would’ve been: Rubeus, Esmeralde, Unmentioned #1, Unmentioned #2. So Unmentioned #1/Dolomite is the Clan’s Princess.

While fixing the saturation on photoshop I ended up falling in love with the different results the hues bar gave me. These other 4 are my favorite of the bunch~

Page 3 is up~~!

Page 2 is up~!

Launch/Page 1

Stupid scanner butchered my colors.

Fem!Bertholomew with palette #16

Just trying to do some coloring that wasn’t just flat colors.

Kousagi Tsukin #7

A bit of fiddling with ideas with this one but I like how it turned out.

Hey look! It’s my favorite character that has (borderline) functional split personality disorder.

I think Flappy came out a lot better, looks more like him. And I really cheated on this one, I used two palettes (7&18) and the color white. I just rolled with it and had some fun.

So I was watching the “School’s Out” movie the other day….

Any Black Moon member with #13?

Here’s 5 cuz I love you. >3<

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Saw the palette challenge going around, so I cheated and picked my own subject/number. So this is Dolomite and #12

I’m finally satisfied with how my personal tumblr looks, and made a matching background for my art tumblr to match. 

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